Fix Your Game in a "Snap"




Matt Thibeault

Manchester, NH

  • 2 time collegiate
  • All American
  • PGA Professional

enjoys the simplicity and the "Ease of Use" understanding of this golf training aid

 Hide the GSC behind shaft, keep perpendicular to ground.

Hide GSC behind shaft

keep perpendicular to ground.

Simple & Easy To Use

  • Going from the Tee to the green with confidence and accuracy.
  • Simplifying practice time.
  • Cost effective.  

The Golf Score Changer has renewed my game. I'm confident that this training device will take you to the next level.

Dave-Inventor Patent Owner


Snap . Swing . Change

Most golfers practice to fix, not to master.

Dr. Bhrett McCabe-PGA Show 2016

Begin to rotate club face back to square, hiding the GSC behind the shaft.


Continue to rotate hands after impact

hiding the GSC behind the shaft.


With your dominant eye, hide the orange rod behind the shaft. You now have "Trapped the Shaft". Your putter face is now SQUARE at IMPACT. The last two photos show what happens when the putter face is Opened & Closed. The orange rod is exposed.

Tom Conway


At impact, hide GSC behind shaft, squaring up the club face.