Clinton "Apple n Pork" Fall Festival 2014

Great Success for Golf Score Changer

Thank you to all those golfers both young and old that came to our booth!

Saturday Hourly Drawing Winners

8:00   Julie Smith

9:00   Nancy Lamkin

10:00 Belinda Leggett

11:00 Mary Bell

12:00 Kari Sue Wade

1:00 Megan Chapman

2:00 Rick Mueller

3:00 Alexis Morris

4:00 Emily Schnemal

Ryan Roe (& Wife) Give the GSC a try at the Leroy Golf Course.

Dave showing Kyle 
and his dad how the
​#GolfScoreChanger works.

Thank You....

Golf Expo's 2016

  • Louisville KY
  • Greater New England
  • Chicago Golf Expo
  • Michigan Golf Show
  • Greater Milwaukee​ Wi
  • Myrtle Beach SC

Maroa Boys League "Vendor Day...

Great Fun!



Marvin (Attended Myrtle Beach World Handicap)

return customer to booth from last year....

"Best Golf Aid he ever purchased. Did exactly what it said it did".  Lowered handicap and golfs a better game. I practice with the GSC regularly and I keep it in my golf bag.


Tyler practiced all winter watching sports on TV. This year already dropped from 17-10. He recently won "Closest to the Pin" & "A longest Drive" competition......awesome Tyler!


"Practicing rotating my hands, without ever taking a full swing, helped me increase my club head speed"  -Mike

"I have never hit the ball so far!"   - Nick

"Extremely helpful for muscle movement."

- Brandy

"Simple, yet so useful"   - Chris

"I found it very helpful"   - Brad

"I love it because I can practice in my cubicle at work."   - Bob

Miss Sydney is practicing with the Golf Score Changer. She has been taking golf lessons for over 3 years and after using the Golf Score Changer she learned a few things about her swing that will help her future game.

Hickory Point "Demo Day" 

Very Very Windy & Cold!

Illinois Postmasters State Convention

Spring 2015   Embassy Suites East Peoria IL

My Cool Inventions...

live radio interview!

PGA   National Highlights


Heyworth "Hey-Days" 2014

Golf Score Changer will be posting photos of our newest fans.

Fix Your Game in a "Snap"

LPGA Current Card Holder
Kay Hines


"Great Fun".. interview

W/CoHost Tara Bassett


syndicated talk show.

New Friends "Putter Buddy"

Woodlawn (Farmer City) Golf "Kids Camp" 2014

Keeping Kids  ......  "On Course"

Golf Score Changer does live demo's!

Great success! Thanks to Mary for inviting us.

Over 35 students from ages 8-13, awesome group of kids.

First live demo of summer, Farmer City Mens night. Inventor Dave showing Phil W how the Score Changer works!

Summer 2015 Begins...schedule your live demo, summer camp, or fun night !

Inventor Owner of the Golf Score Changer Dave Hedrick

demonstrates and explains to Tag from American Life the

makings of the GSC and how it can improve muscle memory and aid in the "cross over at impact" with hands.

  Inventors Spotlight

"Golf Score Changer"

Shark Tank Winner for

(Pencil Tees's)


Heyworth IL  2015

Hey Days Successful.....

despite rain .....


Also the Current Mayor of Grand Ridge.

Gave the Golf Score Changer a "swing" ...

thanks for your insight & input!

We hope to be working some with Miss Kay in the Future.

 Old Vincennes Country Club Indiana
​Lynne (Samuel) Vennard

tries out the GSC.